Each of my handmade bowls and vessels are one of a kind expressions. All wood is from sustainable wood sources destined for the fireplace. Working with arborists, tree cutters and private property owners, I am able to selectively acquire unique logs for bowl turning.  Located in southern California, a wide variety of wood species are available including birch, camphor, elm, maple, oak, pepperwood, olive, sycamore and walnut. Many of these trees have been cut down to avoid damage to structures or have fallen in high winds.

From the dry arid forests of California where I grew up as a child, to the lush rain forests of western Canada where I lived amongst the cedar, birch, hemlock and fir, I have and continue to marvel at the majesty and beauty of nature's trees and ever-changing foliage.

When I began turning bowls I made a conscious decision to create rustic designs that represented the flowing   unpredictable lines and finishes that are natural in the forest environment. Surface imperfections, color variations and minor warping add natural beauty and intrigue to each of my turned forms. I hope you will enjoy this creative use of sustainable reclaimed wood.

Robert Johnson


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