About the Artist

Born in southern California, I have, with the exception of meals and sleep, spent my entire life outdoors. Even as a kid I would climb high up into the trees and only come down when Momís calls would turn to screams. As soon as I got my license I headed up the Pacific Coast Highway to Canada, checking out the variety of trees and scenery along the way. I lived in the Canadian rainforest for 2 1/2 years on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Whales, eagles, salmon, fishermen, native Canadian wood carvers and, oh yes, trees! I purchased three books. One on trees, one on birds and one on building log cabins.

Moving deep into the West Kootenay mountain range above the Columbia River, with the help of wonderful friends, we constructed a two story log cabin where I lived for many years. The construction process included falling and peeling logs, using a horse or rigging to drag the logs up the hillside, and hand notching saddle joints to lock the corners in place as the rustic cabin took shape. The tree removal provided a much needed thinning of the forest and allowed sunlight to filter through the dense overhead canopy and the opportunity to start a garden and raise chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats and a horse.

Returning to California I continue to work with wood and spend the days outdoors. I love watching as my hand tools and physical effort work to turn a 150 pound log into a beautifully shaped bowl. In addition to bowl turning, I have published poetry and authored magazine articIes on a variety of topics. I also write, arrange and perform New Orleans style music with my band of 13 years, Porterhouse Bob and Down to the Bone. I have performed throughout Canada and the western United States and traveled from Spain to the Afghanistan border, Mexico to Peru, and deep into the Amazon. My motto: Enjoy the world around you, enjoy life!

Sincerely, Robert Johnson


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